As a nonprofit organization, Greater Springfield Senior Services, Inc. solicits and gratefully accepts donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Donations are used to support programs and services that meet the needs of elders in our service area. Home delivered meals, money management, emergency shelter, and a cold weather fund are just some of the programs our fund raising efforts help support.

You can find out more about how to contribute to GSSSI by calling 413-781-8800  ext.140.
Or, by using our convenient and secure Paypal donations button. To donate via Paypal, please mouse-click on the "$0.00" at the top of the Paypal screen, and then enter the amount you'd like to donate. To complete the transaction, login with Paypal or enter your credit/debit card information on the secure Paypal screen. Thank You!

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GSSSI Memorial and Tribute Program

Opportunities are available to make a contribution in memory of a loved one who has passed away or in honor of someone who is still living. Often GSSSI has helped the person in some way. Special acknowledgments are sent promptly to family members or other designated individuals to let them know a thoughtful gift has been made.

GSSSI Nutrition Program 

Wheels For Meals Auto, Truck & Boat Donation Program
Donate your auto, truck or boat, receive a tax deduction, and help Greater Springfield Senior Services' Meals on Wheels program. In addition to helping frail elders receive nutritious meals delivered to their door, you will: 

  • Avoid the costs, time and responsibility of trying to sell it yourself
  • Feel good knowing that portions of funds raised from liquidation of your item will go to help people in need
  • Receive a valuable tax deduction

The Helping Hands of America Foundation will pick up your donation and give you all the necessary paperwork and tax documentation to achieve your full tax deduction. For more information, call 888-881-9090. 

In addition to cars, trucks and boats, the Foundation will accept donations of RV's, art objects, estate property, real estate, stocks and bonds, jewelry and more.

If you prefer, you may make a cash donation directly to Greater Springfield Senior Services. Your kind generosity will provide: 

$38        One case of nutrition supplements for a frail elder in need of nutrition support

$30        One week of hot lunches for a homebound elder.

$45        One week of hot lunches and cold suppers

$90         One day of emergency shelter for an abused elderly person

$1,560    One year of hot lunches