Money Management

Money Management Services

Managing personal finances can be a challenge for those with failing eyesight, limited mobility, forgetfulness or acute illness. The Money Management program assists individuals with low income who have difficulty keeping up with their bills and need assistance with budgeting and check writing.

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Who is Eligible?

  • Age 60 and over
  • Under age 60 but have a disability
  • Homebound
  • Visually impaired
  • Experiencing increased confusion
  • At risk of losing independence due to inability to pay bills on time
  • Live within Greater Springfield Senior Services 12-town service area

Bill Payer Service

Assists by developing a budget, writing checks, and balancing checkbooks; all decisions and check-signing capacity is retained by the client.

Representative Payee Service

There are two levels of assistance available to individuals who participate within the Money Management Program: Representative Payee Service and Bill Payer Support. For those who are incapable of managing their finances and have their physician's consent to participate. GSSSI is appointed by the Social Security Administration, to manage Social Security and/or SSI benefits. Volunteers for rep payee support are in contact with their client at least once a month to keep track of income and expenses.

Bill Payer Support

Volunteers for bill payer support services are in contact with their client at least once a month to keep track of income and expenses. Volunteers will assist participants with matters of bill management and financial tracking including, but not limited to, tracking their current budget, balancing their checkbook and submitting payments to their service providers. Older adults within the bill payer program may discontinue service at any time.

Our Volunteers

GSSSI has a long standing history of committed volunteers supporting our Money Management Program individuals. Our volunteers have helped countless individuals remain fiscally capable of living in the community with fewer disruptions to their services and home. Be a part of this amazing team and become a MMP Volunteer team today!

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Massachusetts Money Management Program

The Massachusetts Money Management Program serves every city and town in the state through local ASAPs such as Greater Springfield Senior Services. To learn more about the Massachusetts Money Management Program, click on the button below:

Massachusetts Money Management Program